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22 Mar 2019 I am trying to troubleshoot my network but I can't find my default gateway. Can someone help This way you can find and ping your default gateway. answered Mar How to manage network using a router? Routers give you 

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The tech set up our router in the living room of our apartment and I need to move it to another room. There is a port for the coaxial cable in the other room, but when I plug it in and follow the steps it tells me to on Xfinity, it says that the internet is on and let’s me connect on my phone but then when I try and use the internet, it says that my router is not connected.

11/05/2012 · Your original question "Why can't I ping my public ip?" has been answered. Several times. It's because your router apparently won't respond to unsolicited ICMP packets on it's WAN interface. I think it should by by unchecking the Security > Firewall > Filter Anonymous Internet Requests checkbox but it apparently currently doesn't. This could be by design OR your router config may be horked. Solved: Can't ping router or default gateway | Tech ... 22/10/2008 · Solved: Can't ping router or default gateway Thread starter m.dealy; Start date Oct 21, 2008; Status This thread has been Locked and is not open to further replies. Please start a New Thread if you're having a similar issue. View our Welcome Guide to learn how to use this site. M. m.dealy. Thread Starter. Joined Oct 21, 2008 Messages 4. Oct 21, 2008 #1 Greetings, Just replaced a power supply ping router in packet tracer - Cisco Community When you ping the interface on the ISP router, the source ip address is the LAN address of your laptop. As there is no NAT happening, this source address is carried through to the ISP router. I suspect the ISP router is receiving the ICMP packets but then does a lookup in its routing table so it can generate an Echo Reply but it finds no matching route for the LAN subnet. Normally when you How to ping my router with my laptop - Quora

DIR-815 External programs cannot ping my router.

Here are my symptoms in my words though. At my mothers house we have Time Warner Road Runner internet, cable of course. Up until about a week or two ago, no issues whatsover. Then, with what seemed out of the blue, I can't ping or connect to/through her modem. 1 day before the issues I finished setting up a small server. The goal was to host a I can ping the router but router can't ping my pc ... My router FE0/0 is / My Cisco 2950 switch Ip address is / From my PC. i can ping my router and the switch From my router, i can ping the switch but I Can you ping a Cisco Router's Loopback Interface … I may be misunderstanding what you can do with a Router's loopback interface. I am trying to ping it from a PC on the same network. I am using Packet Tracer to simulate this, a Cisco 1841 and a PC Router WAN Interface IP not able to Ping - Tech My router is connected to ISP modem and I am able to ping my router wan interface inside my lan network or any pc which connected in my lan network. Problem is that all routing processes are working fine, even my internet connection is working fine. Only from outside I am not able to ping my router.

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Testing network connectivity with ping | Answer | … ping (This will ping the IP address of a device like a local computer, remote server or any client that receives an IP address to verify that it is reachable and that you can communicate with it properly.) Example: ping (this is the default IP address of NETGEAR routers) How to Ping Router? - YouTube 02/09/2016 · How To Connect Two Routers On One Home Network Using A Lan Cable Stock Router Netgear/TP-Link - Duration: 33:19. Richard Lloyd 2,101,749 views How to ping a modem | Technibble Forums 26/12/2012 · In most cases you can't ping a modem. You can ping a router or gateway with a WAN or LAN address. The best way to ping a gateway is to type ipconfig in Windows read the gateway address and then ping or ifconfig in Linux read the gateway address and then ping #4 smashedbotatos, Dec 25, 2012. NYJimbo Well-Known Member. Likes …

Game ping refers to the network latency between a player’s gaming console or device and the game server. The lower your ping is the lower latency is and the less lag you experience. Your router allows players to monitor their game ping information in real time and filter out players with high ping rates to reduce lag and improve gaming experience. linux mint - couldn't ping router, although it offered … So I would ifconfig eth1 down, check routes again, if they are ok try to ping first your router if it works try to ping If you can ping the router but not the outside IP the problem could be in the router, so you will need to check its configuration. Why Can’t I Ping the Router from a Remote Location? Select the ‘Enable Ping’ option and press the Save button. 4. Now a ping attempt to the WAN IP address of the router from a remote location should have a successful response.

it the ping from the previous router to the next one. Why would my total ping be quicker than one of the  22 Aug 2015 The command ping is used to test whether your computer can communicate is the hostname or IP address of the server that you want to ping. 1 Oct 2007 On Cisco routers and Unix platforms the layout of the command is: TRACEROUTE [destination IP address] or TRACEROUTE [URL of the  9 Feb 2017 Make sure that your iPhone is connected to the network you want to scan via WiFi . Step 2. Go to the App Store on your iPhone and download the "  How to Ping the Windows Network Router - dummies

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Cannot ping static IP's or router | AT&T Community … Cannot ping static IP's or dk-00-00 +1 more. Tutor • 5 Messages. Thu, Jun 2, 2016 1:57 AM. Cannot ping static IP's or router. Why can I no longer ping any of my static IP addresses from the Internet (using I have a 2wire 3800HGV-B that has worked well for several years (rented). I can no longer access (ping) any of the machines assigned, nor does the router respond to ping on 4 Ways to Allow or Block Ping Response in … If you want to block ping even when you are connected to home network, select “Block the connection” option and click Next. 4j. You can leave all the checkboxes ticked for the profiles and click Next. 4k. Give this new rule any name you like, for example block ping or allow ping and click Finish. The newly created firewall rule will take Unable to Ping My Machine Through Router My router can ping the wireless Windows 7 machine but is unable to ping the two XP machines. I tried disabling McAfee's firewall (windows firewall was already disabled) but the same results. I can't find anything in the logs that even shows I am trying to access the machine. All the machines do have internet access but I am trying to set up some network file and print sharing between the three.