Suddenly lost sound on my laptop

Fix 1: Check the hardware faulty. If your computer suddenly occurs to the no sound issue, there is likely a problem with the hardware issue. You can troubleshoot 

Mar 27, 2020 Verify that the current audio device is the system default. If your speakers or headphones use a USB or HDMI port, you might need to make that  See More: Suddenly lost my PC sound. Report • #1. masterofnocrack April 26, 2013 at 21:44:20. try to uninstall the hd audio devices from device manager and 7 will automatically reinstall the drivers on startup and that might fix ur problem. also if you haven't installed the proper sound drivers for it before then goto the dell site and find the drivers for you and install it

That can cause the Asus laptop audio not working issue. So you should untick the audio enhancement. Go back to the sound settings on the control panel. Pick the sound and bang on properties. Tap the enhancement section from the top menu. Put a checkmark on the disable all enhancement box available on the left side. Finally, press the ok button.

How to fix missing or lost sound in Windows 30/04/2020 · How to fix missing or lost sound in Windows. Updated: 04/30/2020 by Computer Hope. If you do not hear any sound through your speakers when playing a song, video, game, or other sound-related activities, review the sections below for help on troubleshooting the issue. Check software volume control settings . Many software programs and games have settings for controlling sound output, and … Computer rather suddenly lost sound and is not … 08/09/2016 · Computer rather suddenly lost sound and is not muted. Seemingly out of nowhere, the sound stopped working on my computer. However, using such programs as Ventrilo I'm able to hear sound when people speak on the program. However, system sounds, videos and music cannot be heard. So basically, anything outside of that program is muted even when the program is not running. I have … What to Do if Your Laptop Has No Sound | PCMag

27/03/2013 · My work laptop, which is a HP EliteBook 8570w using the IDT HD Audio driver, suddenly switched to mono sound the other day. Spent ages trying to fix it to no avail, and today I decided to reinstall the driver. After reinstalling the driver it was instantly obvious that it hadn't fixed the issue,

29/05/2011 · Sudden loss of sound on laptop? hi everyone. halfway playing my tracks, my laptop stop producing sound suddenly. i checked the volume bar, tested my speaker, reinstalled my sound driver, system restore, even reformatted my OS but still not working. Sound gone suddenly in windows Vista 18/10/2012 · Sound gone suddenly in windows Vista I am using windows vista from last two years and have faced many issues as well but managed to solve all issues.Yesterday i met with a new issue. My laptop was working fine but certainly it lost the sound.To fix this issue, i uninstalled and reinstalled the Audio driver which was simply a wastage of time. At last I formatted the whole system and reinstalled How to Fix a Computer That Won't Turn On - Lifewire If you suspect that the Power On Self Test is still going on and that Windows has not yet started to boot, a better troubleshooting guide for why your computer won't turn on might be the one from above called Computer Stops or Continuously Reboots During the POST.It's a fine line and sometimes hard to tell. Lost my sound - July 2009 - Forums - CNET 16/07/2009 · For some reason I suddenly lost my "sound" on my computer When I check it, it says everything is working but I cannot hear anythingI can see stuff running but nothing comes out.

Jul 15, 2011 If your computer abruptly refuses to play sound, try the following simple you may have a missing or corrupt driver for your audio controller.

Jun 26, 2012 Few days back while watching a movie on my laptop, when the track changed I was not able to hear any sound from my speakers. First  If you get no sound while streaming a TV show or movie, use this article to resolve the issue. May 10, 2020 Read on and find out what to do if your laptop suddenly loses sound or not producing audio outputs from the integrated speakers. There are  May 13, 2020 Please select Yes if you would like to participate. Yes No. Get help if the internal speakers on your Mac don'  Feb 24, 2020 If you prefer using a keyboard shortcut, press the M key on your keyboard and it'll unmute the video if it was muted. Use An Incognito Window To 

When I click Volume Icon it says " audio services is not running." I would appreciate some insight and assistance. Suddenly sound gone from laptop o.o - Windows 7 … 23/10/2010 · Suddenly sound gone from laptop o.o. I have no idea whats happened, but sound just gone from my laptop, it happened first time to me after i turned off laptop and turned on few hours later. Most interesting that i still see the sound bar jumping in windows volume controller so its seems windows thinks that sound works just fine, while i play mp3 file, windows gives no erros at all. I also use My computer suddenly lost sound?? | Yahoo Answers 05/07/2008 · My computer suddenly lost sound?? For some reason, my sound just stopped. its really werid.. does anyone know why this is?? i mean, the icon on the bottom right corner of my computer is turned up help??? Update: i left it off overnight, and it still hasnt regained sound.. Answer Save. 6 Answers. Relevance. Anonymous. 1 decade ago. Favorite Answer. If it's a laptop you should try turning …

A few days ago, I tried to play some videos on my Acer Aspire One ZG5 laptop. However, the sound simply is not present. I tried everything. I checked to see that it was unmuted. I turned the volume all the way up. I even restarted my computer. However, nothing has worked, and there is still no audio on my laptop. So what should I do? Thanks! Sudden LOUD noise from my computer - MMO … 05/09/2011 · Still a bit annoying since I'm going to a LAN party this weekend and I don't want my computer to suddenly **** everyone's ears . 2011-09-05, 07:56 PM #7. bohapjut. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Started Threads Herald of the Titans Join Date Apr 2010 Location Tempest Keep Posts 2,810. Likely either the fan or the Hard Drive 2011-09-05, 07:57 PM #8. Deleted. Originally Solved: my computer has no sound at all - HP … I tried everything to get my sound to work on my HP laptop including posting in this thread, contacting HP and talking to all my super smart computer friends. No luck. One thing I did notice was the sound worked through head phones. So, just by luck, I noticed that when I was unplugging the head phones from the jack, I started to get a little crackle of sound. I played with the jack for a Suddenly... no sound! - Windows 10 Support When the laptop was done going back to the previous build, the sound was back to normal. Now my question is, what could be a better solution than what I did, to fix this "No-Sound" bug that

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My laptop has suddenly lost sound and the icon that … 24/01/2013 · My laptop has suddenly lost sound and the icon that you click to adjust the volume has a cross on it? How do I - Answered by a verified Tech Support Specialist . We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. By chatting and Sony viao laptop Cant hear any sound [Solved] - CCM 09/03/2017 · Sony viao laptop Cant hear any sound [Solved/Closed] Report. Hash - Sep 13, 2008 at 04:58 PM Madalina5 - Mar 9, 2017 at 09:36 AM. Hello, I have a sony viao laptop with Vista basic installed. I do not know what happpend but I cannot hear any sound wen I play anything. But wen I start my computer, the sound tht comes from windows wen it get started, I do get that but nif then I try to play any Solved: Suddenly no sound Dell laptop Windows 8 | …